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How many times have you stopped in your life, looked at your life choices and thought: "I have to do better". Maybe you thought you should change your diet, exercise more, stop smoking, or be more careful about your blood pressure or cholesterol. You had the best intentions, but you never fully realized your plan. Maybe you weren't even sure how to start with the plan.

Creating a plan and sticking to it is not as difficult as it may seem. 

To guarantee you a longer life?
To prevent heart disease?
To feel stronger and healthier now and later?
To ensure a better quality of life as you invest in your relationships and life goals?
On behalf of the American Heart Association, I would like to invite you to start a new life decision. No matter what day it is, it is never too late for us to make better health choices. Even if you start with one small change today and another one next week or month - it all matters.

Maybe you're tired of trying to sort out all the health tips you get. Do it today. Don't eat it tomorrow. The choice is large, and the confusion can make anyone want to give up.

That is why the American Heart Association has created Life's Simple Seven.

Thanks to scientific and research volunteers from the American Heart Association, we have created a simple way to let you know where you stand on the path to good health through the seven steps necessary for a healthy life.

  1. Quit smoking.
  2. Maintaining a healthy weight
  3. Engaging in physical activity
  4. Eating a healthy diet
  5. Manage your blood pressure
  6. Take care of your cholesterol
  7. Keep your blood sugar or glucose levels healthy

To find out where you stand with Life's Simple Seven, simply take our rating. In a few minutes, you will learn how you deal with each of them, as well as get your personal result and life plan.

Remember that you can stop heart disease before it starts. Start small and keep it simple. Make one change today and then you're ready to do another. Before you look back, you'll stop making bad choices and start making life choices!

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