Blue Jellyfish

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Blue Jellyfish

Uploaded on May 3,2020
these umbrellas by YOU + MORE! duplicate the magnificence of jellyfish 
YOU + MORE! is a Japanese random merchandise brand established on the idea of making regular daily existence totally recognizable and increasingly charming and ridiculous. their most recent item is a lot of three distinctive jellyfish umbrellas made in a joint effort with Kamo aquarium — a space in japan's Yamagata prefecture which brags the biggest number jellyfish displays on the planet. 
pictures kindness of YOU + MORE! at felissimo 
YOU + MORE! jellyfish umbrellas dependably imitate the patters of three diverse jellyfish species: moon jellyfish, red jellyfish, and octopus jellyfish. the production of all examples was done together with the planners and an attendant at the Kamo aquarium, bringing about umbrellas that intend to cause you to feel like a jellyfish on a stormy day. this inclination has been accomplished through the straightforwardness of the material and the degree of the shading that splendidly communicates the jellyfish. 
'the possibility of ​​an umbrella in the picture of a jellyfish has been around for quite a while, yet there has never been a reasonable one that appears as though a genuine jellyfish,' remarks felissimo, the Japanese site where you can purchase the jellyfish umbrellas. 'the jellyfish attendants managed the point by point parts dependent on nature, and three delightful and sensible jellyfish umbrellas were conceived.' 
every one of the three umbrellas includes the shading slope and comes in three hues: blue, orange, and yellow, with each highlighting an alternate example. the trim of the umbrella is tenderly bent, by one way or another like an arch, bringing about an outline that gives extraordinary downpour inclusion. every one of the three umbrellas highlights a texture made of polyethylene and the handle is made of fiberglass, adding to the general straightforwardness of the item. 
venture information: 
name: jellyfish umbrellas 
creator: YOU + MORE! 
as a team with Kamo aquarium 
juliana neira I designboom 
May 07, 2020


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