DIY Dumbbell Weights for Your Home Workouts

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DIY Dumbbell Weights for Your Home Workouts

Investing such a great amount of energy at home nowadays has its advantages, one of them being the chance to concentrate more on wellness and self-care. While you can do a lot of exercises at home that you'd do in a rec center, you might be feeling restricted by an absence of rec center gear. Not to stress—you can undoubtedly make your own hand weights in under an hour utilizing PVC pipe. Basic, reasonable, and made up-to-date with paint, these hand loads are ideal for those low-weight, high-rep exercises! 

DIY gold and dark hand weights with PVC pipes 

(Picture: Trisha Sprouse) 

Things You'll Need 

  • 1-inch PVC pipe 

  • 1-inch PVC tops, 4 

  • PVC pipe shaper (discretionary) 

  • Shower paint 

  • PVC concrete 

  • Sand, earth, or stones 

Stage 1 

Utilize a PVC pipe shaper to cut two PVC pipes that are every six inches in length. On the off chance that you don't have a funnel shaper, most home improvement shops have them in the path close to the PVC pipes, so clients can utilize them to cut channels in the store. 

Two PVC pipes, four PVC tops, and a PVC pipe shaper 

(Picture: Trisha Sprouse) 


To make heavier loads, you could cut the channels longer than six inches. 

Stage 2 

Splash paint the PVC channels and tops with your ideal paint hues. We went with a matte dark for the tops and metallic gold for the funnels. Let dry totally. 

Four PVC tops painted dark and two PVC pipes painted gold 

(Picture: Trisha Sprouse) 

Stage 3 

Coat within one top with PVC solidify and connect it as far as possible of one funnel. Rehash with the other funnel. Let the paste dry for a couple of moments. 

Covering within PVC top with PVC concrete 

(Picture: Trisha Sprouse) 

Stage 4 

Go through a moving bit of paper or channel to fill each funnel with sand or soil. You could likewise utilize little shakes or rocks for a heavier weight. 

Spooning sand into the pipe to fill PVC pipe 

(Picture: Trisha Sprouse) 

Stage 5 

Use PVC concrete to stick the rest of the tops to different parts of the bargains. 

Sticking top to the opposite finish of PVC pipe 

(Picture: Trisha Sprouse) 

What's more, that is everything to making straightforward, present-day, and successful hand weights for your at-home exercises!

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