A new chapter in gaming: Fiction based on video games

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A new chapter in gaming: Fiction based on video games

What's a gamer to do when those hours at the PC give you RSI? Here's an original thought: fiction dependent on computer games. 

"Novelisations can permit games to live once more," says Miyuki Miyabe, the 51-year-old Japanese dream book writer whose English-language novelization of PlayStation great Ico is expected one month from now. The game's plot, wherein the main horned kid gets away from a manor fortification with the sovereign's girl, so roused Miyabe that she made a novel for it. Mindful of Ico's faction status, she "made a point not to include whatever would negate even the littlest subtleties of the game". Different creators take various courses, by making up characters and narratives. The two methodologies can work, says Miyabe: "I'm certain there are times when it's acceptable to roll out some extreme improvements." And, with deals of the Halo arrangement of books now in their millions, these books are, if nothing else, putting paid to the legend that gamers don't peruse.

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