DIY Moon Sand Play Dough

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DIY Moon Sand Play Dough

Moon sand play batter just seems like huge amounts of fun! It folds like sand and can return together to a batter-like consistency to form inventive manifestations. You simply need two fixings to make this otherworldly marvel meet up right away. 

Moon Sand Play Dough (Image: Kalia) 

Things You'll Need 

  • Conditioner 
  • Cornstarch 
  • Veggie lover/Natural Food Color (Optional) 
  • Moon Sand Play Dough 

Moon Sand Play Dough (Image: Kalia) 

Stage 1: Mix Ingredients 

The proportion you need to utilize is two sections of corn starch to one section conditioner. 
You can get a solid size bunch by beginning with 2 cups cornstarch and one cup conditioner. 

Blend Ingredients (Image: Kalia) 

Blend Ingredients (Image: Kalia) 

Add the conditioner to a blending bowl. Mix in the cornstarch a little at once. It will blend better without creating heaps of clusters. It functions admirably to include one cup of flour and keep including from that point. 

Blend (Image: Kalia) 

You can at first beginning blending in with a spoon, however, once all the cornstarch is in, you'll need to work the moon mixture with your hands. This will assist it with meeting up better and furthermore give you a decent sign of when it's done. When it quits adhering to your hands, you'll realize it's finished. 

Blend (Image: Kalia) 

You don't need this consistency…. 

Not Done (Image: Kalia) 

...this looks progressively like cake player and that is not what we are going for. It's excessively clingy! 

not done (Image: Kalia) 

You can quit blending when you get to the consistency underneath. It's much thicker and you can see trains of "Moon Sand"! 

Moon Sand Play Dough (Image: Kalia) 

Begin playing with your moon mixture from here, or make it one stride further and include shading. 

DIY Moon Sand Play Dough (Image: Kalia) 

Stage 2: Add Color 

Vegetarian or normal food shading work best. Guardians can sit back and relax realizing youngsters can securely blend the shading in and play with their moon batter! Separate your moon batter blend into 2-3 heaps. 

independent (Image: Kalia) 

Include one drop of food shading and blend it all through. On the off chance that you'd like a progressively focused shade, include a few drops. 

include shading (Image: Kalia) 


In the event that you are feeling extremely yearning, you can take a stab at making regular food shading with organic products, vegetables, and different things around your home. Investigate the shading list beneath: 

  • Pink: strawberries or raspberries 
  • Red: beets or tomato 
  • Orange: carrots, paprika or yam 
  • Yellow: saffron or turmeric 
  • Green: matcha or spinach 
  • Blue: red cabbage blended in with heating pop 
  • Purple: blueberries or purple yam. 
  • Earthy colored: espresso, tea or cocoa 

Blend well to ensure all the shading has been worked through the moon mixture. 

Include Color (Image: Kalia Silva-Phillips) 

Children love moon sand since it can fold like sand or appear as a play mixture. Guardians, in the event that you are contemplating getting your youngsters active sand or play batter, this handcrafted DIY is the ideal marriage of the two! The surface feels extremely pleasant, it's cool to contact and scents great in the event that you utilize a scented conditioner. 

Moon Sand Play Dough (Image: Kalia Silva-Phillips) 

Stage 3: Store Moon Sand Play Dough 

To keep your new moon sand play mixture new, store it in zip-lock sacks or hermetically sealed capacity holders. See tips beneath to give your mixture an invigorate between utilizes if necessary. 


In the event that batter is by all accounts excessively dry, include all the more modest quantities of conditioner to get it to mellow. Start with a teaspoon and continue including until the consistency is still thick yet more official than it was already. It ought not to adhere to your fingers. 

On the off chance that batter is too wet where it's adhering to your hand, include limited quantities of cornstarch to get a thicker consistency. Start with each teaspoon in turn. 


Suggested for kids 2 and up. This action ought to be exceptionally directed by a grown-up so youngsters don't ingest. 

Moon Sand Play Dough (Image: Kalia Silva-Phillips)

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